Random Nonsense – Yield Signs

I’m convinced we should get rid of “Yield” signs. At this point, it doesn’t appear anyone really pays attention to them anymore. After all, if it doesn’t say “Stop”, there’s no reason for you to do so right?

For instance, the other day I was driving down the road, heading toward an intersection, when another car appeared to be heading to the same point that I was. Fearful of a collision, I thought “No, it’ll be okay. After all, there’s a ‘Yield’ sign.”

But like an idiot, I went right through it!

Ender Bowen is a writer, producer and actor, originally from Northern New York, who now lives with wife Emily Steele in Nashville, TN. Bowen is additionally a singer/songwriter, a member of comedy troupe Common Sense for Dummys, and co-host of podcast Topical Vacation.

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