Random Nonsense – Double Oh-Something

I wish I was a spy.

It would be so much fun.

I would do things like hide inside my car with my Zoom H4n sound recorder and repeat the things I hear or see into it.

I would follow people around and wear a little fake mustache or change costumes so that each time I was in the room with them I would look like someone else, and they would have no idea!

I would sit inside a Starbucks with my laptop, open my word processor and type in the things that I hear people say, like:

Guy In White Shirt: “Hey is that coffee good?”

Guy In Blue Shirt: “Yeah, it’s not bad.”

Guy In White Shirt: “Is that the new pumpkin stuff?”

Guy In Blue Shirt: “It’s not really new – it comes out every year around this time.”


I am a spy!


Ender Bowen is a writer, producer and actor, originally from Northern New York, who now lives with wife Emily Steele in Nashville, TN. Bowen is additionally a singer/songwriter, a member of comedy troupe Common Sense for Dummys, and co-host of podcast Topical Vacation.

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