Tim Todd “You are about to be Tim Todded!”

Tim was born and raised from the ashes of Phoenix, AZ. After living in Phoenix for seventeen years, Tim’s family moved to Tennessee where he constantly battled tornadoes, ice and snow. But he had the southern hospitality to help him conquer his new foes! After getting used the new country living, Tim decided to attend Nossi College of Art where he received his degree in commercial art. After becoming a graphic designer Tim has created fantastic digital art that can be seen in malls, local stores and on vehicles. Tim has a wide range of art that he taps into. A few years later Tim found an ad in a local paper featuring a new community theater. At that time Tim had never considered acting so he thought he would give it a try. Since then, Tim has been in over a dozen live shows with various companies and music videos. Recently he has published a children’s book called “The Town of Ill“. The story is about a town that has always been sick, they take their medication but it doesn’t do the trick. One day a boy meets a tree that can grow magical fruit, and working together they try to heal everyone in town. As of now Tim currently resides in Nashville with his beautiful daughter, writing books as well as creating inspiring digital works of art.

Emily Steele “I’m a lot funnier than you think I am!”

Emily hails from Syracuse, NY – the snowiest city in the USA! She obtained her bachelor’s degree in English education from Niagara University, where she also dazzled sports enthusiasts with her less-than-stellar talent as D1 basketball cheerleader. “Go Purple Eagles!” She then attended SUNY Buffalo and received her master’s degree in humanities, with concentrations in both theater arts and communications. After finishing school, Emily realized the New York State job market was over-flooded with unemployed teachers. So she decided to pick up and move to the greener pastures (and among the nicer residents) of Nashville, TN. She has been here 5 years now and she has no plans of ever moving back home! Emily has been actively involved in the live theater and independent film community for many years. She has acted in numerous theatrical productions, as well as several indie films. Her first self-penned, full-length play is scheduled to go into production sometime next year. Emily is a freelance writer in the Nashville area. She lives in Nashville with her 4 cats, (Jake, Skatie, Valentine, and Setzer) and her beagle-mix dog, Maeby. Oh yeah…and her husband, Ender Bowen!

Ender Bowen “That’s so beyond thunderdome!”

A former resident of Northern New York State, and graduate of St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, Ender Bowen claims to be a singer, a songwriter, a musician, an author, an actor, a website designer, a closet Decepticon and a bowl full of Jell-O! Through Ender’s teens and early twenties, his focus was mainly on music. As a result, he recorded and released several homemade albums from 2001-2005 (affectionately dubbed “The Glorified Demos”), and after failing at creating and maintaining a full rock band, came to Nashville, Tennessee, to try a change of scenery. He soon fell in with Emily Steele and Tim Todd, who served as catalysts for Ender to discover new powers and abilities, officially falling just short of “superhero status.” Through them, Ender has discovered the joys of acting (and comedy in particular) and contributes to the writing and editing of CS4D‘s productions. In addition, he also has a podcast called “Gracie Sez Hai“, about a dead cat leaving phone messages to her former Owner back on Earth. As part of Joint Custody Productions – a production company created with Emily Steele – Ender also designs websites, is writing a science fiction epic entitled “Dreadwind“, and through their music label Joint Custody Hearings, is continuing to write music for future releases (though it’s hardly a comedic journey). Ender has also gone by other aliases, including Charlie Castle, Shenanigan Smith, and just recently, The Day Brightener.