What is Common Sense for Dummys?

Common Sense for Dummys is a sketch comedy troupe out of Nashville, Tennessee. It was formed by Tim Todd, Emily Steele, and Ender Bowen in 2009.

What does Common Sense for Dummys do?

Common Sense for Dummys creates content for the web and television (in the form of a sketch comedy television series), and performs live shows around the Nashville area.

Is Common Sense for Dummys a comedy troupe I could join if interested?

Currently, Common Sense for Dummys has not announced any official plans to open the troupe up to applicants for full membership. This is, however, one of CS4D’s long-term plans.

Are there any positions open for part-time membership or casting calls?

Common Sense for Dummys is currently weighing options on inviting actors to be extras while filming episodes, handing out minor parts, and potentially inviting additional actors for live events on an as-needed basis. More information on this will be made available once the needs arise.

How many of the episodes are currently in production, and where can they be viewed?

Common Sense for Dummys released their Pilot (a half hour show) in 2011 and also broadcast it on Cable Access in Nashville. A DVD of this was released in October of that year with extra content. In 2012, Season One of the show was released on YouTube, and Season 2 began in June of 2013.

When should live dates be expected?

The group primarily focuses on producing content for video, but any live dates will be provided on the Live page, once announced.

Is there anything I can do to help Common Sense for Dummys?

There are a few things, actually. First, you can of course always help by checking out the goods at the CS4D Store. Second, spreading the word always helps! You can do this in traditional ways (like telling your friends), or you can grab the Eventful Widget on the Live Dates Page, and put it on your website or blog. You can also get on Twitter and Facebook and Follow or Like CS4D.

What if I want to be a member of a “Street Team” or assist in other ways?

Sweet! A stalker already! Though CS4D does not yet have an official Street Team, the group is always willing to accept the assistance of volunteers who are eager to promote the group, either in person or through the web. For information on how you can help, don’t hesitate to drop the group an email through the Contact Page.

Does Common Sense for Dummys have a Fan Club or Fan Community?

While the group does intend to have a fully-functioning Fan Club up and running at some time in the future, currently the focus is on building a community through the CS4D FaceBook Page. In the foreseeable future, this is going to be the best place to get updates and chat with other fans.

Is Common Sense for Dummys soliciting ideas for future skits?

At this time, no. The group only writes and performs its own material. The current understanding is that ideas are only accepted by full CS4D members.

Is there anything else I should know before watching Common Sense for Dummys?

If you like disaster movies, then Common Sense for Dummys is for you.

Is Emily that pretty in person?

No. Tim is, though.